4hr Traveling Workshop: Painting with Encaustic $560

7hr Traveling Workshop: Painting with Encaustic $795

This is the amount I require to get paid for my time. Your facility will determine the cost of the workshop to make your expenses and commission.

Your facility must have proper ventilation and updated electrical in the studio space. Facility must provide table and chairs. Multiple electrical outlets required.

  • 8 student limit.
  • 4 student minimum
  • Four Encaustic workstations. Two students per encaustic station.
  • I provide all materials and equipment.
  • It is the responsibility of the facility to fill the workshop. I will promote the traveling workshop on my website and Facebook.
  • Signed contract required.

Traveling Encaustic Workshop Fees and Cost Breakdown:

  • Mileage payment is required if more than 30 miles out of Stevens Point, WI. If more than 90 miles away from Stevens Point, hotel and travel expenses are required as well.
  • $100 workshop prep fee. There is a lot of equipment and set-up involved with encaustic. This fee covers the prep time to pack up supplies and equipment and workshop set-up time.
  • I require$65 per hour. Four hour minimum. I have 15 years of experience painting with Encaustic.
  • Supplies cost breakdown. This cost is included in the above price.  4hr Workshop is $25 a person. 7hr Workshop is $30 a person. Each student will recieve one 5x7" or 6x6" birch cradles panel. If students would like to complete an additional painting, extra birch panels will be available for an additional cost of $10 each. Leftover supplies are returned to Jessie Fritsch not to the students or facility.
  • if a ventilation system is needed I can provide a portable exhaust fan. There must be a window near the workstation that I can open to put exhaust vent in. It will be an additional $200 if this portable ventilation system is needed. 

download lesson plans below

Please contact me at or 715-252-4125 to set up a date.