Have a favorite photo? I can paint it. All I need to get started is a photo.  It can be emailed or sent by mail.  A 50% deposit is required. Paintings are on baltic birch plywood and can be cut to any dimension. Contact me for a quote for a size not listed. Pricing starts at... 

8x8"     $275

8x10”   $340

9x12”   $400

11x14” $450

12x18” $650

16x16" $770

16x20” $960

18x24” $1300

   20x26” $1560

Framing is included in the price.  Frames are custom built in natural oak.

Two different framing styles to choose from- Shadow Box or Traditional.

Frames can be stained or painted in any color for an additional $50 plus cost of stain/paint.

Shadow Box Frame


Tradition Frame